Sunday 21 October 2012


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One time I found myself in despair was in 2005 when I was asked to leave the company I had joined only 4 months back. Looking back now it was a wrong decision on my part to join that company (one man show or what we normally refer to as a 'lala' company) but I guess that time it was my immaturity that forced me to quit a decent job over a heated argument with my superior and take up a new job without really finding out much in detail about the company I was going to join.
Since the termination came so quietly and suddenly one cold winter evening in Noida, it took some time for the same to sink in. After crossing the toll gate on DND I halted my car on one side and started thinking how I was going to break the news to my wife, my ageing father and to the rest to the family and friends. Don't know how much time elapsed before the DND patrol car forced me to carry my thoughts home. My wife quite understood but it was tough on my retired father for whom an employee getting sacked was a new and hard to comprehend phenomenon.
The next six months were spent in doing the rounds of placement agencies, scanning job sites and newspapers , appearing for interviews and keeping myself  motivated to do all those activities day after day. Ultimately with no success coming my way and the meagre resources fast depleting, I seriously started considering taking up a job in a call centre / going to my cousin in Dubai to try my luck there. Eventually fate decided to reimburse me for all the hard work put in and on one fine day I ended up with not one but two appointment letters in my hand. Obviously being in no position to negotiate on the remuneration front, I accepted the better of the two offers but it surely felt good to be back in business again.

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